Friday, July 12, 2013

A hymn, or the beginning of one, maybe?

In starting to peek ahead for a sermon on July 21, I couldn't help but be frustrated at the seeming lack of good hymns, particularly where the last verse of the gospel passage (Luke 10:38-42) was concerned.  So of course something happened that I thought I had dismissed from my life: I apparently wrote a hymn.  It's rather slight and perhaps a bit obvious, and I don't have an obvious tune to go with it (though it falls in common meter and there are a kajillion options).

Anyway, here it is, and make of it what you will.

This one thing only, loving God, plant firmly in my heart;
Amidst our work, to hear your word and choose the better part;

Lord, teach us when to labor on and when to stop and rest,
To hear your voice and, so restored, to serve you at our best.

O give this gift, our loving God, and this one grace please give:
To know one thing above all else and in this one thing live.

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