Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A quickie: "Not linking" followup...

About that post from last weekend...the ante has been upped.  Now some pastor in Kansas has apparently gone and preached that the government should round up and kill all homosexuals.  Of course Leviticus 20 is cited as justification for this.  Not linking this one either.  I suspect if you really want to see the story you wouldn't have a hard time finding it.  Or just wait for somebody on your Facebook feed to link to it.  The North Carolina pastor's electrified fence starts to sound tame by comparison.

Here's my quickie question; does this jackal preach this quite so readily, recorded and everything, if the jackal in North Carolina doesn't get all the free publicity he got?  Is it just possible that this is exactly what such people want?  Another thing I don't know: were we better off in prehistoric times (technologically speaking) with these obscure small people doing their petty bitter small thing in obscurity and the broader body of people never hearing about it, or are we better off now being reminded every other week or so that these people are out there?


  1. Good question. Terry Jones would have just stayed a small-town pastor of an even smaller church but for the internet and 24 hour news coverage that turned his stupid decision to burn a Quran into an international incident causing riots and deaths in countries half a world away.
    Publicizing the comments of extremist bigots does allow the full weight of public opinion to bear on them and lets some of us feel morally superior for a while, but it also provides fodder for people like the late Christopher Hitchens to negatively stereotype all Christians or all people of a certain denomination.

  2. Very true. And I still have the disturbing notion that some such leaders not only do not fear the full weight of public opinion, they perhaps even feed on it.