Sunday, October 16, 2011

A quickie late-to-the-party thought on a Steve Jobs quote

A short thought--not even that, really, a question, a musing--well after most Steve Jobs mania has passed:

(Taken from Innoblog, October 7:)

One of our favorite Steve Jobs quotes came as his answer to the question: What market research did you do that led to the iPad? “None,” he replied. “It's not the customer’s job to know what they want.”

Hmm. Is this anything at all useful to church leaders of whatever stripe?

This is for the moment leaving aside the wisdom of equating church members with "customers." In my opinion, for good or ill, that ship sailed a long time ago for a lot of churches of whatever stripe. Even if one doesn't want to make that equation, is there still something of merit in the idea expressed by the late Mr. Jobs? Is it modifiable? Might the word "want" be swapped out for the word "need"? The quote seems to be cited typically as an example of Mr. Jobs's ability at innovation, or marketing, or design, or what have you; is it actually a form of leadership?

No answers here today: just questions to chew on.

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