Friday, August 19, 2011


The first step is down.  The intensive Greek course is over.

The "summer Greek" or "baby Greek" (lordy, I can't imagine what "teenage Greek" or "adult Greek" would be like) final exam went down this morning.  Not the most wonderful test I've ever written, not at all like the midterm which went quite well, but it shouldn't be so bad as to cause any sort of overall grade catastrophe.

Now a short break, three weeks, before the fall semester begins and the "hardcore" seminary stuff kicks in. Two semesters of New Testament this year for sure, and I'm still considering a schedule change which might affect the remainder of my schedule.  Church history or theology?  Still not settled.

While a language class (be it Greek or Hebrew here) certainly opens doors for further study and thought, let's face it: Greek is not what I came here to do.  It's a tool, for sure, but not the main point.  So in a sense the real stuff is yet to come.

Nonetheless, it's been an intense experience.  A course of study which normally takes two semesters done in six and a half weeks?  Must be nuts, right?  And yet, I'm still better off, I think, dealing with Greek while not trying to juggle something else in my brain.

In the meantime, the hardy band of strugglers now disperses for a short time.  Not sure what I'll do with myself tonight, but it won't involve Greek.  It will, however, involve being grateful for a good start, in a good place, with good folk.  Still much to come and be overcome.

Classes at KU start up soon.  I'll miss the folks I'd be catching up with there, but I can say quite certainly I'm glad to be here.


  1. Well I guess someone who likes baseball and dogs can be all bad. I enjoy Watch Out! It reminded me of the "social justice" Methodism/Presbyterianism of my youth. :)

  2. Well, thanks for the comment. It's useful to know someone's reading besides people who know me. ;-)